Dyslexic tales

My Crystal Ball

Okay, so on the 21st of January I predicted that I didn’t know what I’d be doing, just that I’d be writing. And I was right. But I was also wrong.

You see I saw a future of writing, not of writing and drawing. Yet that is the place I inhabit at the moment. My days are split between writing and drawing and I love it. I have quiet times where I live in a world of stories and characters, and then I draw surrounded by light and music. And throughout it all I laugh and smile.

My life is better than I predicted.

Saying that though I am still pushing boundaries as next week I have a course. Run by Go Wales I am due to go onto the Freelance Academy, which will give me the business tools to be… well… a freelancer.

But you already know about business! I hear you cry.

I do. I know about emails and planning manufacturing and making things efficient. But that isn’t what I am doing. I am making a business out of what I love. I sit down at a keyboard and pour out my heart, good and bad. How do you make that a business? How do you become objective?

Also I have avoided face to face contact. I used to work via emails. Now everyone wants to meet and talk on the phone. The two things that scare me.

So that is what the course is for. I am off to find out how to market myself, how to network and how not to hide in corners but smile and seem bubbly. People who know me may think that I’m like that anyway, but it is a mask. And I can only do it when I’m not stressed. When I’m stressed I become quiet and withdrawn. Not a good thing when you are trying to discuss a book or talk to a gallery owner. Hopefully, by the end of next week I will have ‘skills’, and feel a little less like I am floundering through a business swamp that seems determined to suck me under, leaving no trace but a few debts floating on the surface.


This post was inspired by the daily prompt – 190 days later.

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