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Musical chairs

You see I have had to work on the unit over the last few days. It happened because I was exhibited at Aberglasney Gardens. I realised that I was losing out because of prints – basically I didn’t have any. So I came back and looked at ‘the monster’. The monster has sat in the corner of the unit ever since it was built. I turn it on every 6 months to make sure it is working fine, but that is it. 

In the early 2000’s I opened an art business and I got a grant for some computer equipment. I bought a designjet… And A1 designjet.

What’s that?

Well, it is a large printer that prints A1. The ink is not light sensitive and the print quality is damn good. Oh, and more importantly, it is easy to use. But my first art business failed.

What happened?

Well, sales dropped off. I mean they started to disappear and I found it difficult to make a living. So I drew more. That’s good right?


I drew everything to an alright standard. Nothing like I now. Sure there were some that beautiful but most were not. They were fine but not great. So there I am making prints – lots of them. 

I still have masses (which I am selling off half price), but they weren’t selling. And I had lost my passion. I was tired and didn’t want to do it anymore. The toys came along and I stopped drawing. And the monster sat. It’s motor suddenly quiet.

We moved. The monster moved.

The unit was built and the monster moved in, but was stored in a corner. Then I realised I needed prints.

The monster is easily four foot long so he needs his own table. 

Yesterday, I tore apart the unit so that the monster could work. And now he sits next to the computer. New ink has been installed and I am awaiting paper and card. Once that arrives he will spit out prints and blank greeting cards.

The monster is back and he isn’t angry at his absence. Instead yesterday he turned on accepted the ink and asked – what is it you require?

I am hoping to get back to the writing now. But I am sorry about the break – especially with ‘The Gone’ – everything should be back to normal soon. Except now the monster is up and working…

Mika - Grace Kelly

I might even produce this one… Not sure yet. 🙂


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