The Road

The beginning of Chapter 4.

The Gone

“She said nothing else, just that you are gone once you catch it,” I say.

“Gone… That could mean anything?” Max exclaims.

Colin stays thoughtful, just looking around us.

“What?” I say, noticing Colin’s wariness. “You expecting a horde of zombies to appear.”

I say it with a smile but when he looks at me his face is very serious. “I don’t know.”

“What?” I say, shock filtering through me like ice water.

“Well,” Colin says, still scanning the area with wary eyes. “We don’t know anything.”

“So, we have to find out,” Max says.

“Where?” I say. I can feel the frustration building. We have been around and around this conversation and it is getting us nowhere.

“We need somewhere with power,” Max says.

I look up and down the street. There is no sign of any power or any people anywhere.

“If we had power than we could…

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