Where to?

The second part of Chapter 3

The Gone

We make it to the door before the shout goes up. Two soldiers are pointing in our direction but then we are through. Colin slams the door closed and the lock engages. I know that they will just open it but anything to slow them up is good. They don’t shoot at us through the glass. In fact they don’t even run. Instead, the two men walk calmly forward.

“Guys,” I say, stopping and pulling on Colin. “Look.”

The men are standing at the window and are smiling. I don’t understand. One waves. It is a cute wave and I look at the guys.


But Max is already scanning the area.

“Come on,” he says and we set off at a slow jog. The air is thick with smoke and I am finding it hard to breathe. I look back at the men, twisting my body. I can see…

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