The Gathering Dark

The beginning of Chapter 3

The Gone

Although it is only mid-day I feel that I have spent a lifetime in the airport, since I left the safety of the plane. I don’t notice at first when the light starts to fail. With no power we are dependant on natural light and as it begins to disappear the twilight of the airport became dingy.

We have reached the door that will take us out into the public area of the airport. I don’t know where we are but I am trusting the guys and they seem to know what they are doing. Either that or they are just too confident.

Max has his hand on the door. “This ought to lead into the lobby.”

Colin nods. It’s enough for me. As with all the other doors we have come across Max crouches and pushes the door a little. The light that trickles in is much duller than…

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