Short Stories

Tweet, Clang, Crash

I have always wanted to play an instrument. When I was a kid I signed up for playing an instrument. There was a choice; the flute or a brass instrument. But they wanted people who showed some sign of aptitude for music. I was given a time and I went to the interview. It was my first interview. I was only twelve and scared. 

The guy in front of me smiled. “Which instrument would you prefer?”

I looked at the selection in front of me. There was the trumpet, french horn, trombone and flute. I didn’t hesitate.

“The flute.”

He smiled. “Let’s see how you do.”

He handed me the flute and explained that you blow across the hole to make a noise. I hada go. I hurt my ears and he winced. 

“Try again.”

I did and an almost note escaped the metal tube.

He then handed me a mouthpiece for the brass instruments. The instrument isn’t attached, it’s just the mouthpiece. 

“Blow a raspberry down it?”

“Really?” I asked.

He smiled and made ‘have-a-go’ movements with his hands. I shrugged and throw caution to the wind. I blew a raspberry down the instrument.

“Thank you. I’ll let you know.”

And that was it. My first interview. The results came through the next day. Another girl and the music teacher cornered me. I was outside watching some kids play marbles. 

“Kate,” the teacher called. “I need a word.”

“Yes?” I asked.

“Well, the good news is that you can play either the brass instruments or the flute.”

I smile.

“But,” she carried on. “Beth can only play the flute, so if you were to take the brass instrument she can play the flute.”

The teacher looked smug in her problem solving. I looked at Beth and I knew that my life would become worse if I chose the flute. I was already bullied and this could be the tipping point, so I sighed.

“I’ll take brass.”

Of course, what I should have asked was what brass instrument they were talking about. I thought it was the trumpet. Instead I found myself in the possession of the trombone. I played it until I was sixteen. And I really enjoyed it.

But I have always thought I ought to play the flute. Beth gave up after a few months.

When I hit my twenties I had some extra cash, so I walked into the local musical store and walked out with a flute. I still have it. In fact, although self-taught, I can toot a decent tune.

But I did enjoy the trombone. I just hated the fact it was so heavy… Carrying it to and from school once a week was a real pain.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – strike a chord.

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