The Run

A bit more of Chapter 2

The Gone

The soldiers are fanning out across the terminal and walking this way. All ten clutch their guns as if they are safety blankets.

“Well, I guess they are going to shoot us if they see us?” Max says.

“How do you figure that?” I ask.

“The way they are holding the guns.”

I frown. I don’t think it matters how they carry the guns, but they do look intimidating. And they aren’t calling out to us. As I watch, one holds a hand out, fist closed. All the men stop. One comes from the back and walks to the soldier who has called the halt. They both look at the floor and then right at me.

“Oh shit,” I say, ducking down. “Did they see me?”

Before either can answer I hear a voice boom out. “We saw you. Come out with your hands held away from your body and…

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