A bit more of Chapter 2

The Gone

“Where are they?” I ask, looking around the very empty terminal. The group we were with have disappeared and whoever was shooting has gone as well.

“I don’t…” Colin starts to say and then Max grabs us both and pulls us down below the counter.

“Shhh,” he hisses.

In the background I can hear a door opening. Footsteps come closer.

“The manifest says that there ought to be three more.” The voice is very loud and harsh as it echoes around the large room.

“Yeah, but loads never got on.” This voice is low and smooth. He sounds less cruel but I am not going to stand up and say hi.

“Maybe we ought to do a sweep. Perhaps we can find them.” He sounds sort of excited and I wonder what has him riled up. His pace has picked up as well. He is coming straight for us.


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