The beginning of Chapter 2

The Gone

“Lights,” Max whispers. I can tell he is on my right because he is breathing heavily. The popping sounds are still audible but seem to be much further away.

Max starts to move around and I can only guess that he is running his hands down the wall trying to find a light stitch. He stops.

“Don’t,” Colin says quietly.

Max doesn’t move. The sounds are becoming fainter as if they were getting further away. I think they might be outside the airport.

“What are those sounds?” I ask. I have an idea but I don’t want to admit it.

“Guns.” Colin answers me and I jump. He has moved closer and I hadn’t even realised.

“Shall I crack the door?” Max asks.

“Not that one,” Colin says. “There has to be one out into the space behind the desk.”

I look around and to the left of me I…

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