Death in every bite

The daily prompt has asked what I’d put in my very own vending machine… The simple answer is – I wouldn’t.

Today I went shopping. And instead of going to the local shop I went to the larger supermarket. I say ‘larger’ because to me it is huge, but to most people it is medium sized. I once went to one in a city and you couldn’t see the back wall… I am sure I saw the curvature of the earth it was that big. But our large shop has choice.

I love choice, mainly because there is so much I can’t eat. My nut allergy limits me. But the big store has enough variety that there is something I can browse and munch on. It’s the browsing I miss. I have to walk past the chocolate, and the cakes. No processed food for me! So far I have only found two cereals – one of them today… Thank goodness I like Weetabix but after three months it is a little trying. I stride past the freshly baked bread, ignoring the smell and close my eyes to the ice-cream. Finally I stop.

My new love. The thing I snack on – popcorn. I eat it by the packet, but it doesn’t matter. Even if I were to eat two family sized packs I would not reach the calories I was putting away in chocolate and cakes and crisps. Not to mention the nuts – I loved nuts.

So I wouldn’t have a vending machine, instead there would be one of those industrial machines you see in the cinema, which every few minutes would spit out fresh sweet and salty popcorn…



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