Rage against the machine

The next installment of ‘The Gone’. 🙂

The Gone

I move across the floor, my heels tapping a quick beat. I try to look unflustered but I have a really bad feeling. Reaching the edge of the group, I turn to the nearest person.

“Have they closed the terminal?”

Just my luck, the person happens to be my neighbour from the plane, her child clinging to her trousers. She ignores me so I turn to the guy on my other side. It’s the man from the plane. I smile but he leans forward, straining to hear the quiet voice in front.

“There has been a situation…”

“What situation?” someone asks.

“The terminal has been evacuated.”

The guy with the soft voice has ignored the question. I look around. The silence and emptiness is getting to me, making my skin crawl. I keep feeling as though we are being watched.

“What about us?” another passenger asks.

I am starting to…

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