If a tree falls in woodland and no one is there, does it make a sound?

Part three of the first chapter… Things are getting interesting. 🙂

The Gone

Gasping, my hammering heart slowly starts to beat normally. What the hell is going on? UnbendingI look back. The corridor that I ran down is very light, as if the plane were gone. Walking to the wall of windows I can’t see the plane. I can’t see any planes. There is just a vast expanse of tarmac. Normally I’d expect to see some movement, even if it were just people, but they are as absent as the plane.

I turn and I am on my own. Gate whatever is abandoned and the ever present tinned voice from the speakers is quiet. Maybe in the distance I can hear a child cry, but that is probably the family I was sitting next to. I have come out to find the gate abandoned, although there is normally someone from the airline around.


My voice is too tentative.


Louder but no…

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