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MA celebrations!

The other night me and three friends got together to celebrate our MA. Although we were uncertain of our marks no one had said that we hadn’t passed and everyone had got an invite to the ceremony…. So we all passed.

We went to a lovely little pub in the center of Lampeter, all home cooked food and it was great. Okay, maybe the menu was a little 80s, but everyone love breaded mushrooms! 😀 Anyway, the pub was The Castle and they were really nice. Even allowed us to bring our own cake.

WP_20140607_009There we are cutting the cake, I’m the one in the middle. Tony has just had a book of poems published and Ros is published too. Have a look at their sites – they are very good.

The cake was made by little me… Well, having problems with nut allergies I tend to find that making it is the best idea.


WP_20140607_005TSD means Trinity Saint David, the university in Lampeter.

We had a load of friends invited and the night was a great one. Jan was there, as well as Jon and Paul (yeah, I know they are all bloggers)…





Elsie turned up – she is studying for her MA part-time and I think she has another year or so. Oh, and she is also the mayor of Lampeter.

So the night went well and I now feel that I have truly finished my MA. The cake is cut and we have all celebrated. So I suppose that I am now ready to go out into the world and be a writer…

A very scary thought.

Thank you to everyone who came, there where about 11 of us altogether. I enjoyed myself and left with a smile that will last well into the week. 🙂

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