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My Advice if you are starting out…

Many writers I talk to say that they write.

“So where are you published?” I ask.

“I’m not.”

“Don’t worry. What competitions have you tried?” I ask

“I’m not good enough…”

And that is the problem. I write knowing there are problems – there always are because of the dyslexia. I have the story edited and then submit.

Other writers say I’m brave. I say I am stubborn and I have to do it. I am trying to prove I am good enough with every word, sentence and story. One thing life has taught me is that you have to seek your fortune. If you sit and wait, it might find you, but it probably won’t.

Ask any musician and they will say that their overnight success came after ten years work.

Or the artist that has been drawing since they were five.

Or the writer who has written since they could hold a pen.

But this is where writing differs. You don’t overhear a writer, and you can’t glimpse them in a sketchbook. You have to read a writer and the only way a writer can be read is if they are published.

So my advice is to publish. Get your piece as good as you can and then submit or blog or publish. Do it. Maybe it’ll be a flop but maybe not.

And when someone asks – “What do you do?”

You say – “I am a writer.”

It was the best advice someone gave me, so I’m passing it on. Good luck!

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – powerful suggestion.

10 thoughts on “My Advice if you are starting out…

  1. Exactly.
    Simply referring to yourself as a writer also forces you to write. By uttering the words “I am a writer,” you then feel the need to write so that the next time you talk with that person you can honestly say your book is coming along well. Positive peer pressure.
    No book ever feels completed. The contest/publication is a necessary deadline so that the author can move on to another work.

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