Masters tales

The long walk

Okay, it wasn’t a long walk. just about 10 steps to the podium. And I had friends there to cheer me on. Including David Towsey, who is a brilliant author of the Sci Fi Zombie Western (no really), ‘Your Brother’s Blood’, and Katherine Stansfield, writer of ‘The Visitor’, a book of sea ghosts. So, I stood up and took the podium.

There wasn’t a massive audience, about 15 at the most. But once the light was in my eyes I couldn’t see anyone, just a few vague shapes. I introduced myself… And then started reading.

The audience laughed in the right places and I even got a gasp on cue.

It went well!

Then I sat down and David got up to do his second reading. Man, he is good and the book is excellent. I am going to go to the next session because I want to be more performance poet than scared rabbit.

I will get there, but it may take longer than one go. 🙂


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