Short Stories

Beer Bottle Tops

It started with beer bottle tops.

You remember, they were all the rage in the eighties. Every teenager was wearing them. I forget which idol started it, maybe Bros? Maybe not… Anyway, I went into school and laughed.

“What are they?” I said, pointing at a friends shoes.

“Fashion,” she snapped back and turned away.

“I’ve never heard of it.” And I hadn’t. I’d been playing out in the street and reading most of the weekend, not watching TV. Turns out that the band had appeared on some Saturday show. And now everyone was copying them.

My friend sighed and looked at me. She had pity in her eyes and I wondered just what I’d missed.

“They are beer bottle tops.”

“Oh…” I said. We didn’t really drink beer in our house.

“You need to get some.”

“No, I don’t think it’s me.”

My friend had sneered. “Then you are just weird.”

I didn’t think I was weird. I just wasn’t interested in following a band. Sometimes I didn’t mind the songs, but I was more of an indie rock girl, before it was cool. So I just shrugged and walked away. Not really bothered that I was on my own. But in that one small conversation I had destined myself to walk alone for the rest of school. I would be the weird one on the edges.

In fact I still am. Except now I don’t allow myself to get bullied for living a little away from most. I still like indie rock and I don’t drink beer, and I can confidently say that I have never put the tops on my shoes, whether in fashion or not.

This post was inspired by the Daily prompt: teen age idol.

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