The door within a door

It’s small, only a foot square,

and it isn’t for us. Instead,

the four-legged friends use it.

The bang as it closes signals an intruder.

Small legs scamper away from the dogs

who cry in surprise when they find spines

not fur. Limping back they press noses

into my hands looking for reassurance.

Wonder as they show the culprit

who walks from the wood pile

striding, confident that the dogs will leave.

Straightening I hear a chorus of owls as they

expand their territories ready for the nest.

Stars light the way and the moon spotlights

the ground. Grass glows a strange green

and resting chickens cluck contentedly.

Over all a consistent click beats like a heart

warding against the red and black fox.

A dog pushes it’s nose into my hand.

Is it safe? her eyes ask and I answer with a

reassuring pat. It is safe out here tonight.

This poem was inspired by the daily prompt – looking out the back door.

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