Short Stories


I don’t think I have ever tossed any coins in a fountain. I’ve stood on the side and admired them, glinting in the sun.

Small flashes of hopes and dreams.

But I’ve never actually thrown any. In our house it is all about the pudding. That is when we wish. Every year Mum makes a Christmas pudding. It’s a big affair of finding the largest bowl and filling it with breadcrumbs, suet, fruit and sugar. Then adding the chocolate stout, made locally, and finally trying to stir it.

I say trying because the ingredients only just fit in the bowl. As you stir you have to make sure there is no escaping. And it is in this stirring that we wish.

Every member of the family will stir. Even babies and toddlers, their hands held onto the wooden spoon, will give it a go. That is where we place our hopes and dreams.

And then, after it has matured and we have steamed it twice, we sit down and set it alight.

The blue flames always enchanted me as a child. After that, all us adults take a huge slice and add a good dollop of cream. Then we all eat.

I suppose it is like eating everyone’s hopes but it also cements us as a family. We are all apart of each others lives. It is a tradition and one that we do every year at the same time.

Mum yells, “Have you stirred the pudding?”

And we do. Wishing for the new year.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – three coins in the fountain.

16 thoughts on “Wishing

  1. Who would throw those coins in the fountain with such a beautiful tradition to uphold. You are making me wish that I had something like this to remember. Who knows I still have time to make memories. 🙂

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