Masters tales

Short Story Anthology

Well, I am finally working on the anthology. I started doing the final edits and laying it out into the format for being a printed book.

I’ve decided to go for Amazon as I can go with an ebook and print. But there is also a new feature – an audio book. I’m not certain about this as I think my voice isn’t great, but at the same time I have listened to a huge number of audio books and understand the need for them. So I feel that I do need to create one. Despite my voice.

After all, Neil Gaiman reads his own books. And as I can’t afford anyone to read them for me, I guess it will be me or nothing.

The title is sorted – ‘The Phantom Horse’ but I haven’t set a release date. I should have one by the end of the week.

I am finding it a lot of work but it is a real learning experience, and surprisingly complicated. Thoroughly enjoying it though. 🙂

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