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A pear-shaped situation

I am trying to close the business. The soft toys will be gone on Monday. But there is a back-log.

The result is that I have no time for anything; from blogging, to writing, to drawing.

And it is driving me nuts.

I am so frustrated that I want to throw everything in the air and, just like a child, sit in a corner and yell, “No More.”

But I can’t. I have to finish these toys. The question is… Do I try for a big push to finish early or do I work steadily over the next four days?

The problems are…

If the weather continues then we could lose power. We did last night for 8 hours. I need the sewing machine to make the toys.

My shoulder has flared up – an old repetitive strain injury that I sometimes need physio for.

And my hands have started to bleed – callouses will only go so far.

I think there is no option but to try and squeeze the last order in as few a days as possible…

And hope, against all hope, that I don’t develop a migraine.

Okay – I have to look on the bright side. As of Monday there will be no more. No more strain, no more pain, no more sore eyes or hands, no more stress.

Of course I will be poorer but I think the health benefits out way the cost. I can cope without a new pair of shoes as long as my shoulder doesn’t develop arthritis.

So… four more days, or 96 hours… It isn’t a lot. I can do it. 🙂

And after Monday there will be writing and drawing and blogging. Although I may just sleep for 24 hours…

5 thoughts on “A pear-shaped situation

  1. Oh even I have this- migraine, so I know when you pressurize your brain too much there is a possibility that it could just start.
    Don’t worry about blogging or painting we’ll still be here. Take care and lots of sleep.

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