Another talent and free sewing pattern…

I think I’ve mentioned that I ran a soft toy manufacturing company. Well, this is a pattern that I’ve used to make a little flame. 

You must remember the adverts. Well, as part of the daily prompt they want me to ‘teach’ you something. So here is how to create a little flame soft toy. Enjoy. 🙂

Okay this is totally free! I think everyone will see this photo and realise the toy you can make…

First things first… Fabric. You will need about 50cm x 50cm of minky in mango. I got mine from the Plush Addict. You will also need scraps of white and black fleece or felt.

The pattern:

Just right-click on it and save it to your computer or print it out. It should fit an A4 piece of paper.

Cut out the fabric pieces so that they look like this:

Then we start sewing. I did mine by machine but you can hand sew the toy. Remember to put the right sides of the fabric together so that when he is turned right side out he is fluffy.

Sew around the head, keeping the straight edge open.
Sew the short sides together on the side piece.
Sew the base onto the side piece.
Turn right side out.
Stuff and use a running stitch to pull up the open ends (like a drawstring bag).
Sew the head onto the body hiding the drawstring endings. I used ladder stitch to do this.

Sew on the eyes, white’s first and then the black circles. You may have to cut down the pattern pieces in order to get the look you want. For the nose take the piece and put a running stitch all the way around. Pull up slightly and stuff. Finish pulling the stitches tightly and fasten off. Sew onto the face using a ladder stitch.

Your finished little flame!

And there you are – my other talent. This blog post was inspired by the daily prompt – teach your (bloggers) well.

14 thoughts on “Another talent and free sewing pattern…

    1. Thanks. Let me know if you make one. 😀 I thought of doing a load in different colours for my nephew and then buying a ball and calling them ‘little flame skittles’. 😀

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