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A stranger stared back at me.

I am having to swap from my familiar glasses to contacts in order to make the best of my sight. What you have to realise is that I have been wearing them since I was twelve…

At school I’d slowly moved closer and closer to the chalk board in class. It helped that mine was the year they squeezed. It was the time that the Midlands decided, in all their wisdom, to get rid of the three-tier school system and make it a two tier.

That was fine. Except that it meant that two years moved up together into High School. I knew I was in trouble when they showed us the French room.

“Um… We haven’t started French,” I said.

“Really? Well, you ought to have.”

And that was that. It turned out only one Primary School hadn’t started it. Mine. And it turned out that only one child from that group had no talent for languages. Me. I was and still am hopeless. Luckily, Google now does excellent translation. 🙂

So, anyway, they had moved two years together which resulted in a large year of students. We all had to squeeze in the same class rooms, which meant that the tables were barely six-foot away from the blackboard.

With my poor eyesight it wasn’t until something drastic happened that anyone realised how bad I was.

Why is it in school everything is about queues?

“Line up, children!”

“Don’t push!”

Those two lines can sum up my school days. It was in one of those queues that it happened. We were in twos. I didn’t have to hold hands with my partner but I do remember feeling annoyed and upset. My counterpart was a girl that I didn’t like. Now normally I could gauge where to walk because everyone else was going the same way. But that day I was leading.

I’m not sure if the girl meant it but as we neared a narrow corridor she made sure I was en route with a wall. Most people would have turned and walked into the corridor.

Most people would have seen the wall.

I am not most people.

Lets just say I blacked both my eyes and ended up at the opticians. I hadn’t really been before. I remember that he was young with bright blue eyes, and he smelt faintly of onions. He turned the light out.

“Please read the letters on the board,” he said, sounding very dull.


“Start where ever you like.”

“What board?”

And that was that. I had glasses, a delightful pair of nhs pink frames. My eyes have got worse since. And now they can’t see horizontal or vertical without correction as well as being myopic. And my right eye is undergoing a rebellion and trying to look at my ear, my right ear. Still the contacts will correct everything but the squint.

So, I went for a contacts trial. They put them in. My eyes screamed that they were uncomfortable and then I looked at myself in the mirror.

A stranger looked back.

I will wear my contacts when they arrive but I’m not sure I will ever get used to my reflection. My face is strangely flat without glasses. But at least I will see, and see with all my field of vision. I don’t have peripheral vision because my glasses are not wrap around. I don’t see above or below, instead I move my head. Soon I will see everything.

I can’t wait.

I think I’m just going to have to avoid my reflection.

This blog post was inspired by the daily prompt – mirror, mirror.

23 thoughts on “A stranger stared back at me.

  1. I wear glasses from the age they were able to put them on me 😀 Three I think. Thankfully, mine isn’t bad, I wore them all the time and my vision improved, and in last few years got a bit worse. But still it is great. What prescription do you have? I have -1.25, -1.00

      1. So a bit of research… The first number (-9.5) is how short sighted I am. Then the 3 is how much astigmatism I have (how far off seeing horizontal and vertical I am), and the 110 is how much squint I have. At least I think that’s how it works. 🙂

      2. Oh then I bet that you grab the glasses the moment you wake up 😀 You could go on laser surgery, I think -8 and -9 are perfect for it. I have considered it, because it will improve my life but I don’t have that much of a “blurryness” to do it right now…

      3. I asked about surgery but my eyes are still getting worse. And yes my first thought on waking is – where are my glasses. 🙂

      4. I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I hope they will stabilize 🙂 Oh don’t even get me started on the where are my glasses thing 😀 I say that ten times a day…

      5. 🙂 The worst is when my dog swipes them off the table beside my bed because I can’t see them, her tail is the right height to clear it in one wag. I end up trying feel for them.

        Thanks. 🙂

      6. Hehehe… I TRY not to leave them on floor when I go to bed, but it happens. So I convinced myself that if I put them more under the bed I will not step on them. 😀 I end up tapping the floor from the bed very often 😀

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