I lost Friday

I don’t normally mention them, but I suffer from migraines and I had one yesterday – a bad one. And although the medication has taken it away it has left me cotton-woolly and feeling as if my head is not in gear. So I may write later but I may leave it till tomorrow. Sorry for the silence yesterday.

3 thoughts on “I lost Friday

  1. Me too ie. I suffer from migraines that come in clusters and disappear for years only to return again. They are believed to be connected with head injuries I have had. I don’t take drugs for them.

    P.S. No apologies are needed when it comes to blog readers like me.

    1. Thanks. Mine are linked with triggers (coffee and hunger) and eyesight. I do take drugs but only when it gets too bad. They are not nice, especially when they cluster. I had my first cluster last year. I hope I never get one again.

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