The endless quest to be cheerful…

Today the Huffington Post suggests that the reasons to be cheerful are as easy as one, two three…

Although I smiled a lot in 2013 it was also full of tears. So far 2014 has been different. Not exactly brilliantly wonderful but not depressing either. I feel that I am waiting to find out just what it is going to become.

I do know that it is one of change for me. Maybe that is my first reason? I have been doing a job that hasn’t been particularly rewarding and has taken a physical toll. By March that job will be gone. True, that brings up all sorts of other worries, like money and stability, but it also means I will smile as I get out of bed. That is definitely cheerful.

Reason 2 – I have a dog. Again it has to be tempered. I wanted a medium sized dog and if she were going to stop growing at 17 weeks then I would get one. But she might not completely stop until she is two… That brings worries of me controlling her. Except she has the best temperament and is so happy to learn. Everyday I smile more from her company than I do worry about her misbehaving. Course I will now brace myself for a bout of chewing as I’ve just written down she is good… 🙂

My third reason is harder. It is more of a feeling than an actual thing. It is walking on the local wet-lands, but also sitting in front of the fire. Having a natter over tea or working in a warm comfortable space. I think it is a feeling that I belong. And that I am surrounded by people that want me to be there. I used to have a feeling that if I left, just walked out the door, the people I knew would be better off. I don’t get that feeling as often and that really makes me smile. So my third reason has to be belonging…

I am going to have to agree with the Huffington Post. Being cheerful is as easy as one, two, three. I just hope it continues for the rest of the year.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – ripped from the headlines.

20 thoughts on “The endless quest to be cheerful…

    1. I do love walking the dog. She is still a puppy so is learning and due to her size she can pull me into the odd puddle or two, but they are one of the best times of the day. Even if it’s raining. 😀

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