Short Stories

Cold Glass

Outside Warren pushed his face against the glass. Sometimes the family inside left the curtains open, but tonight they were drawn. He wanted to see. The boy would be there.

“Is he there?” A small voice asked in his ear.

“Hush, they will hear,” the creature said. “I can’t see the curtains are pulled.”

“Why? They don’t normally pull them…”

“No.” Warren said, pressing one pointed ear to the cold glass. “The boy did it.”

“Did he see you?”

Warren looked at the fairy hovering above his shoulder. He didn’t like fairies as a rule. Found them nasty bitey things, but Prim was alright. And at least she knew, she listened to the signs and understood what the boy meant.

“No he didn’t, but I think he felt me.”

“We must be careful.”

Warren is about to answer when the curtain twitches. They both drop to the floor. Warren becoming nothing more than a pile of twigs as his clothing of stitched leaves and moss blended with the ground. Prim huddled under his coat, hiding her purple shinning light, her small wings still.

“You smell of mud,” she whispered.

“Be happy I am not eating you, little bug,” Warren said, smiling and showing his pointed teeth.

Prim turned her back on him and crossed her arms. Determined to ignore him as best she could.

Above them the curtain was pulled back and a boy of about seven peered out. He was looking for something but when he doesn’t see it he let the curtain fall back.

On the ground Warren stirred and unfolded himself. He was only four-foot tall yet he moved with the grace of an athlete. Prim hovered in front of his face.

“Lets go.”

Warren nodded and in a flash they were gone, moving so fast that they appeared to just disappear.

Behind them the curtain twitched allowing more golden light to spill into the darkness.

This is a piece of flash fiction involving characters from the novel and screenplay I am working on. It was created from the inspiration given by the Daily Prompt – The Outsiders.

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