Dyslexic tales


I am working on a screenplay at the moment and I am being haunted by words that sound the same but are different.

So there is the homographs. Same spelling, different meaning…

lead (the metal) or lead (in the front)

bass (a fish) or bass (a low sound)

OR there is also the homophones. These are spelt spelled differently but sound the same.

to, too, two

there, their

stile, style

You get the idea. Anyway, I have been reading my screenplay and it is full of them. All I can say is that my dyslexia is showing.

What about using a piece of software to find them? I hear you ask.

That is great, especially with Word but it doesn’t like the screen-writing software. So I am stuck. All that I’m going to be able to do is send the film to be edited once I’ve written it. It’s not too much of a bother but I’m frustrated, so I thought I’d have a rant.

And, no, checking it myself is not going to work because I only see a few and those I do see I can put a different word in.

So if the sentence is:

There were to cats playing.

I’ll realise it is wrong, but I could correct it to:

Their where too cats playing.

Dyslexia at work! What it should be is:

There were two cats playing.

Isn’t it? Now, I’m confused! I need an edit… Help?

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