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What is happiness? I have written about it… Although I have noticed that my characters tend to have more conflict than happiness. It is just more interesting to write about something throwing your character in at the deep-end and how they get out of the situation, rather than a perfectly happy being.

Personally though, I am at transition. Part way through closing one business and opening another. The result is that I am filled with frustration and nervous energy. Am I doing it right? I don’t know, but then I don’t think anyone knows.

Instead I am finding happiness in the small things. Especially in my drawing. I am not giving myself a task, I am just drawing what I want, when I can. That is usually late at night, but I relax. For me that time of blankness, as my head switches off and I only think about marks and shading, is bliss.

But I laugh out loud when I write. I am working on another book and already the characters have wheedled their way into my every waking moment. I am wondering about them. What is Jim doing now? How is going to escape the men in suits?

And it is at the stage of development that I love. I am learning about the book and the characters as I go. And yes, once the headphones are on and I am in my world of fantasy, I find myself smiling and laughing. This is another happiness. Not like the drawing but more spontaneous.

Am I happy? Yes, but it is peppered with troubles, but then my Mum always says you need to have the sour in order to recognise the sweet. And right at the moment those snatched hours of smiles are very sweet.

This post as inspired by the daily prompt – Happy Happy Joy Joy – which, if you were wondering, is the greeting given in The Demolition Man. 🙂

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