Short Stories

Truth Hurts

Alice stepped into the cafe. She’d already been crying but she could feel the tears burn at the corners of her eyes again. It wasn’t her fault. Tracy had backed her into a corner and she couldn’t do it. That morning she had been dreaming of moving back into halls of residence at the university when Tracy had walked into her room.

“I’ve found a couple of places,” she said.

Alice had looked at her a little confused. “Places?”

“For next year.”

“But it’s our last year?” Alice said.

“Well… No. I have one more after.” At that moment Alice could see the reality. She would ‘keep house’ as she had this year. This year that had been hell. True, she had made the best of it but she still wanted out. She needed out. And moving back to the university would be the easiest option. Everything would be taken care of. She wouldn’t have to clean the communal areas or the bathroom. She would be no ones slave and would be able to concentrate on her studies. But only if she could get away. Yet here was Tracy and her plans.

Alice realised that she was going to have to leave. She had been hoping to finish the year, but it wasn’t going to happen. ” I can’t.”


“Okay,” Alice said, “I don’t want to.”

“Where will you go?” Tracy asked her face screwed up into confusion.

“I’ve booked a place at the university…”

“Oh! That is great! I can stop with you when I am in late…” Tracy said, going off onto an imaginary world where she was the center of the universe.

The problem was that Alice needed a clean break. She didn’t want to see her again. She was tired of the back-stabbing and the snide comments. And it was at that moment she decided she would have to push her away. To make sure that Tracy was gone, she would have to make her want to leave.

Which was why an hour later she pushed the door of the cafe open. Inside all their mutual friends looked up. Alice could feel the tears. She would tell them. She would lay the truth on the table and in the end she knew that she would be alone. The truth hurt and today it would be her with the scars. But in order to gain freedom she would do it. Soon Tracy would have to hate her, Alice was giving her no choice.

This is a piece of flash fiction inspired by the daily prompt – truth or dare.

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