Short Stories

Best Days? (an idea for a book)

People always told me as a child that my school days would be the best… Really? Then I can safely say that the rest of my adulthood is going to be worse than hell. My name is Colleen Norton (you have to say that in a Micheal Caine voice – it only works that way). I’m fourteen and I go to a local school. Although it looks more like a prison, all grey stone and magnolia walls. Do they design them on purpose? There must be a college somewhere that has a course – how to make the most depressing buildings ever.

I may only be fourteen but already I run a daily hell. Today I have an hour of art, which becomes a dance between me and my teacher. Teacher – that would suggest that he teaches us something. He doesn’t, instead he likes to pursue his favourites.

“Why won’t you meet my eyes?” he asks, getting so close that I’d back up if there wasn’t a desk behind me. The whole time I am aware that he is trying to peer down my top. Which is tight, adolescence has hit and you could say I am blooming into womanhood. All I can say is that it is a pain in the arse. So I do the ‘avoidance’ dance for an hour. With the obligatory photography club invite and my refusal; “I can show you photography if you want to come to the club this evening. Although I will need to show you the dark room on your own.”

Shudder. I mean really creepy and he always smells of onions. The man must eat them raw. I know that Shrek says that people are like onions and they have layers but I really don’t want to know any of his layers. Ever.

I then have an hour of maths. An easy class but I swear the teacher is suicidal. The other day I found her crying into a maths text book.

“You okay?” I asked.

“What? Oh, Colleen, it’s you. Yes, I’m fine. No actually I’m not.” This was followed by a bout of huge sobs. Turned out her husband has left her. I feel sorry for her, but her dismal gloom is really depressing.

This is followed by lunch. This is the only time I run. I have to get to the library before the whole school gets out. Why? I hear you ask. Haven’t you guessed? No?

Well, I am an empath. Basically I feel emotions but I also heighten others. Is the art teacher really a lecherous pedo? No probably not, but I heighten his inclinations and he can’t control them. Same happened with maths. She had to tell me. And me? Well, I soak up emotions until I am riddled with aches and pains and my head feels like it is going to explode.

This is an idea for a book. Inspired by the daily prompt – the new school.

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