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Best day ever

I’m not sure if I have had a best day ever. I’ve been thinking about this post and I don’t remember a day that has filled me with complete happiness. Or rather, I can’t remember a day since I was a child. That Christmas present that you have wanted for a good six months and the anticipation of opening it. Fantastic. Of course I then used to get distracted by the box…

But still that initial feeling was the best. I have close approximations of it now. The day I passed my degree, or the time I got my puppy, or better yet the day I realised that she was practically house-trained. Those days give me a smile.

So do lazy days with my family and being able to write all day. Walking the dog and eating a good meal, okay maybe over-eating on certain days. All these things make me smile. But I do know one thing, that all these things are made better because I share. I share with my family and friends but it really doesn’t matter who it is.

And if you are on your own then I truly wish that you won’t be – soon.

This year Stephen King wrote a sequel to ‘The Shining’… And he said about ‘Dr Sleep’…

The fear is that people will come back expecting that kind of scare as grown-ups and that just never happens.

And this is the same for anything you experience as a child. As a child it is all new and shiny, as an adult we see things through jaded eyes. And I don’t mean ‘bad’ jaded, just that experience has altered your perception. It has to – you are an adult.

Still I miss it and every time I write I try to remember that feeling. I try to convey it. But even if I only manage it a little at least the reader can grasp an echo of that feeling.

Happy Christmas, and today is a good day. That feeling is swirling around me, maybe just out of reach but I can watch the colours, and they are beautiful. 🙂

Inspiration from the daily prompt – The Best Day Ever.

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