Short Stories

Changing times

I remember it was summer because I didn’t sleep well, it was just too hot. Not tropical hot but warm enough to make things uncomfortable. The day was starting out to be a real beautiful one, the sky was so blue that if you took a photo anyone seeing it would think you used a filter. It had been a good year for the sun and for the rain. Most nights it rained a little making it the best of growing weather. It was the year we had masses of surplus vegetables.

It was also the first year of the recession. People had begun to feel the squeeze on finances and I was expecting to see something but still, that day I got a shock.

The morning was bright and smelt sharp. Me and my parents had got through the beginning of the chores when someone called from the side of the house. We are the only house on the right in our village and we have no neighbours. The front door is not used, as with most Welsh houses, instead an armchair is pushed against it. So people walking around the side of the house is not odd.

“Hello?” the voice called.

My dad went around and called out a hello. “Can I help?” he asked.

“Yes,” a young man said. Behind him I could see a young woman and a child in a push chair. They all looked tired and a little rumpled.

The odd thing was that they didn’t have a car. They had walked. And the direction they had been coming from was a large town, twenty miles away.

“Where you come from?” dad asked.

The man point in the direction of the town and gave its name. “We walked,” he said.

“Walked?” dad said, surprised.

“Yes. We were evicted.”

“All of you?” Dad gestured to the child.


I couldn’t believe it. They had walked all night to get to us. The young man then asked if he could rent our static caravan.

“It’s been gutted. We use it as a workshop,” dad explained. “But we are going to get you help.”

With that we all downed tools and got the young family help. Finally dropping them off with people who could give them a roof. Still, even now I wonder about them. I hope they found help. And I really wish we could have done more.

This is a short story inspired by the daily prompt – random acts of kindness.

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