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Building a profile on the web

I saw this on Salted – the blog for Salt Publishing and thought I’d share. Go and have a look!

This is part of the blog post which I have pasted in. Please follow the link above for the full article. 🙂

‘Discoverability’: an introduction

What makes up the profile of a successful writer online? Here is some context:

  • Consider the equity of of a writer’s online profile: their reputation, outreach and impact. An online presence complements and at times by-passes the traditional role of the media in introducing an author to readers.
  • Remember, everyone is in the business of managing a reader’s choices. Those who construct choices have power over those who do not. Merely having work available is not enough to win readers. Readers increasingly look to brands to build their reading lists. In a growing age of independence and disintermediation the traditional publisher and websites that are beginning to adopt the role of publisher (selecting, curating, coordinating, presenting content) are winning more readers.
  • Readers must edit down their book choices in an age of literary abundance — it’s this increasing pressure on meaningful choices that will drive the battle for book sales, now and in the future.
  • The contraction in traditional print media has meant that readers are finding other ways to discover writers and books (you may already be a member of sites like Goodreads). Online is where the real numbers are.
  • So how do you think readers make their choices now and how will they in the future?
  • How will you and your book become a choice in the minds of readers today…

The rest can be seen here. Definitley worth a look!

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