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I normally don’t go in for fan writing but this got my interest. I love the series ‘Firefly’ and the film ‘Serenity’ so when I saw that Fan Pages was asking for a synopsis for a new Firefly episode/scene I let my imagination run wild… And I thought I’d share. 

The idea is in comments of the Fan Page but I have pasted it below as well. Enjoy. 🙂

The following is an idea for a film based around the Firefly crew:

Title – Miranda

The crew is sitting down to Christmas dinner. Mal raises a glass to Wash and there is silence. In that silence a panel beeps. They all turn and look.

RIVER – It’s a wave.

She gets up and walks over. Mal joins her. She pulls up the video on the screen. There is the face of the operative.


MAL – Seeing as I told you I would kill you if I saw you again, I don’t rightly know why we are talking.

Mal goes to close the wave but the Operative holds out a hand and Mal stops. It is about this time that Mal notices that he is dishevelled and has a cut on his face.

OPERATIVE – I need your help.

Mal looks surprised and waits.

OPERATIVE – I need you to go back to Miranda.

The story then follows the crew of Serenity as they go back to Miranda. The original PAX virus was delivered through the atmosphere via a virus. This virus ought to have died out but it didn’t. Instead it evolved into a contactable disease. The Reavers don’t eat all those they capture. Some become more Reavers. In order to get the cure, the alliance needs a copy of the original PAX but that is all on Miranda. They have sent ships, but none have made it through. Now Serenity must try before everyone becomes lost to the PAX.

The film ‘Miranda’ sees Mal become more attached to Innara, particularly as she is trying to teach him how to fight. River shows she is truly gifted, even if her ‘sight’ has become cloudy now that she is not taking the alliances drugs. Kaylee and Simon are married and Jayne is always arguing with Zoe, mainly because he sees the way open for him since Wash’s death. It is a film with space, cowboys and Zombies, where the independents ultimately win.

This blog has just been published / linked in The Silent Mulder. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Miranda

  1. ❤ IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN INTERNETS!!! Keep the Browncoats on TV.
    I love how you totally nailed the verbage for Mal…. "I don't rightly know why we are talking." I can so see Mal say that.

    I almost cried at your opening scene though…. "I am a leaf on the wind"

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