Short Stories

Overheard conversations

A few years ago my Nan and I were shopping in our local supermarket. Now, when I say supermarket I mean medium to small shop. Living in rural Wales means that what I consider huge and full of choice would have someone from London twitching and wondering how they would cope.

Anyway, we were in the store, and Nan was fetching bits to put in the trolley. I got sidetracked with the sweet isle. Chocolate is the bane of my life… It wasn’t until I realised that she had been gone a while that I ought to go look for her. Doing a sharp turn I trundle the trolley after her, why is it I always get the one with the wobbly wheel?

I struggle to get the cart around the corner and there is Nan. She is standing glaring at a pair of shoppers and they in turn appear to be glaring back at her.

“Nan,” I called, “what are you doing?”

Nan’s eyes darted to me and then fixated back on the couple. “They are staring,” she sneered.

The couple took no notice but continued to stare at my Nan and then talk in Welsh. I am by no means fluent but I do understand more than I appear to.

“They are talking about us,” Nan said in a stage whisper.

“Uh?” I said as I listened to the conversation.

“Nasty Welsh… Always talking about us behind our backs,” she said with a derogatory sniff.


“The English.”

“Um? What?”

“They are talking about us,” Nan said stridently.

“No, they aren’t,” I said, moving away.

“Yes… What?” Nan sai, stopping me.

“They aren’t talking about you or me. And I consider myself Welsh,” I said.

“Why were they staring?” Nan said and I could see that this was becoming a matter of wills. Nan is a big fan of ‘mind your elders’ and I am a big fan of ‘no chance, especially if they are wrong’.

I nodded in the direction we had come from. “You were stood in front of that.” It was a huge display of red oriental rugs. One of which was pinned to the ceiling and hung down. It was this that Nan had been stood in front of.

Nan blinked at the rug. “That’s nice,” she said. Then she narrowed her eyes at me. “What were they talking about?”

“Well, the lady wanted to get the red, but he was saying that the rug was too big and would fade fastest in the sunlight. He wanted the blue and one size smaller.”


I just smiled.

This is a short story based on the daily prompt – Hear No Evil

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