dog1I am moving into illustrating as well as writing… But I am scared. I know that sounds daft but somehow drawing as well as writing terrifies me. I think my style suggests that I could do it…

But it is still scary. I am working on a picture book about the moon, but do you know how much I’ve completed…


My page is blank.

I’ve written it but the illustrations have stalled. I sit down to do it and… I freeze. I am going to have to get past this. I have to. Mainly because I really want to be able to illustrate my own work.

The trouble is that I haven’t picked up a paint-brush in five years. I’ve done the odd pet portrait but that has been about it. Now, suddenly I’m trying to throw myself back into illustration as if I had never stopped. Maybe I ought to start small first. Perhaps I shall just draw some concept sketches of the characters and then see how it develops.

I hadn’t realised this would be so hard…


8 thoughts on “Illustrations

  1. Your illustrations are lovely. I wish I had your interpretation of my sweet dog, Lila. How wonderful to be able to illustrate your own words exactly as you see them in your mind. You can do this, Kate!

    1. I have a book with an agent (waiting to see if they like it), editing a selection of short stories and illustrations, and still working on the picture book… So they are all in the pipeline, it’s just getting enough time to finish them. 🙂

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