Nanowrimo – The Interview…

The daily prompt has asked for an interview of someone from a blogger to the mailman – they didn’t mind who. So I was wondering and then I realised that there is one person I need to interview – my protagonist. You see although I know her I feel I need her to speak to me. So here is the interview with Sharon Benson, serial killer and seventeen year old.

Why do people call you Ash?

Well, it happened because my parents decided I was surplus to requirements. They left me with the housekeeper and gardener whose name is Aston. I just reinvented myself so that I didn’t have to be reminded of my real parents.

When did you start killing?

This is difficult. Do you mean people or animals?


I was asked to create a piece of art work for my school, I think I was eleven. Anyway my guardian, Maria, hit a heron in the car. It wasn’t completely dead. So I helped Benedict dispatch it. I realised that Brazille had used a heron in his painting – ‘A Still-life with Heron’ – so I decided to recreate it but with real animals.

So you just killed the right animals?

Yes. They were only birds.

And the people?

I’ll tell you about my first. I was fourteen and I’d been studying Brazille’s work, he was a great Impressionist painter, anyway I was in my home town… Yeah, I know – they say you covert what you know and I really did. The girl though was a stranger and she pushed me out of line and then made such a fuss that I got kicked out of the cafe. So I followed her. She took this route through the woods, I was living near the Cambrian Mountains at the time, and I killed her.

Just like that? How did you kill her?

I remember that my guardian had made me dress in a summer flouncy taffeta thing, and it had a red sash. Well I used that sash and then I tied it around her waist and left her posed as in the ‘View of the Village’. No one got the painting reference though.

It seems odd to kill someone for pushing you out of a queue?

I suppose but at the time I had to. I was being badly bullied and I just hit out.

Did you feel guilty?

No. That’s the odd thing – I never have.

How many have you killed?

Lots, why do you want to be on the list?

*       *      *      *      *

This is an update on my book I am writing for Nanowrimo – A Terrible Beauty – and has no reference to real life events or people…

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