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Being a dyslexic the support I have around me is very important. I am reliant on people to correct my many mistakes and I am lost without them.

Firstly there are the workers supplied by the university, they are great and understanding. They are also more than simple support workers. When you are down they are there and if I don’t understand something they will help me. They aren’t proofreader’s – instead they are trying to teach me how to cope. I find it both hopeful that I can use coping strategies and totally frustrating when they don’t work.

Then there is my mum. She is a retired English Language lecturer from an FE college and if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be writing. Before university it was Mum who sat me down and pointed out the mistakes. She took me through sentence construction and the proper use of words. The difference between ‘life’ and ‘as if’. She has been great and she still looks at what I write, but now she reads it first before ‘marking’ it. One because she can and two because she likes my writing. I know that family are meant to like your writing but she will pick it up and read it even if I don’t ask her. I’ve even seen her read copies that are going to the university. She reads them just because she wants to.

As far as a mentor – well, my lecturers are there and I have the support of some writers, but I also get a huge amount of support from this blog. Everyone who comments makes me take a little step closer to being a real author. So this is a shout out to my readers – thank you. If I didn’t have people who were willing to read my scribbles then I would have the tree in the forest problem… You know… This one… 🙂

This is from a daily prompt suggestion.

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