A Cure

I suppose my first thought for a painless cure ought to be my weight, or maybe my eyes, but it isn’t. It has to be my migraines.

Placebo Effect

I have migraines and they can cluster. Sounds simple enough and even cute – a little cluster of migraines, like a litter or puppies. Except that this litter isn’t cute and can leave you unable to move from exhaustion.

So a migraine is a pain in the head – literally. It can build from ‘triggers’. Mine are feeling hungry and coffee. The result is I only touch decaf and am overweight. The pain feels like your head is being squeezed in a vice. Your eyesight is effected and you can get flashing lights or shadows. I get the shadows. Light hurts, as if someone is pushing needles into your eyes. Breathing hurts because the air has to move through your nose and mouth. If you are really unlucky you can get paralysis in your face. Mine always happens on the right side. And then there is the pins and needles. I can’t feel my hands and feet anymore.

Then the final insult has to be the vomiting. Basically there is so much pain that your digestive tract shuts down, or at least mine does. When this happens the only way to get pain relief is though a pessary or IV.

Now imagine a cluster. My worst if 5 in 7 days. By the end my mum drove me to A&E and I collapsed outside.

I have been on steroids to stop them and it has worked. I am off them now and it’s a waiting game to see if they come back and start to cluster. So far I have only had 2 headaches in the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that it doesn’t get any worse but it is a waiting game. Sometimes I feel like my head is an ill-tempered bomb and it could go off at any point.

One thing about migraines – they are not life-threatening and as far as I am aware they have no effects that are permanent. I am in no danger of my life but when they happen, but I will do anything to stop the pain. And I do mean anything. If I could have a painless cure then it would have to be this. I can live with the weight and my eyes are manageable but the migraines are the bane of my life.

Still if I hold as I am then I will be fine, there are headaches but no migraines. I just have to carry on as normal. 🙂

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