The End is Nigh….

Eat, Drink and be Merry

If the world were to end what would be your last meal? I have the image of Mel Gibson crying into a plate of food. In the film Signs he and his daughter, son and brother have what can only be described as a last meal. The aliens are coming and they know that they won’t make it. So they all cook what they want from a roast to French toast. But they don’t eat it, although I think that Mel Gibson’s character shoves a couple of mouthfuls in. Instead the aliens arrive and the plot twists away from the table.

It is a good story and a moving moment. But my last meal? Well, there wouldn’t be one because I would refuse to give up. Our family has a motto – through troubles. It’s ingrained. We can’t give up.

I have lived through fireworks through the letterbox and being spat on simply for walking down the street. So if the world were to end we, my family and I, would sit and plan. How do we survive? Then we would put the plan into action. There would be no last meal and I am sure that should the world end the last expression on my face would be one of surprise. My family never have a last meal because there is always tomorrow, no matter what it brings.

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