The first Nanowrimo meeting and a re-plan

I was cool, I was organised, I was calm… I am lying. No, the first meeting was good, despite the fact I organised it in the middle of a demonstration and the university open day. Okay, that was bad planning as we all sat looking at each other whilst a huge group of people moved around us all yelling in Welsh. I think it was about the Welsh hall of residence closing. At the same time the open day of the university was being held in the same place so there were a lot of scared looking kids wandering about.

Apart from that six of us turned up and we all got talking. Some of what was discussed was about the writing but it was also about software, plot lines and movies (and TV series). It was great fun. I posed the question on a whim – Are you writing a stand alone or a series?

Everyone knew and I pondered on it. I think the book is a stand alone but it is open-ended so it has the potential to become more than one. Another question was what age group are you writing for? I immediately said adult… And then I thought – why?

This will be the only book I am planning to write for adults and I’m not sure it will work. I love writing for children and young adults – I find that my writing is freer. So I have decided to change the age-range. It is now about a seventeen year old. And she doesn’t have a lover but a mentor and support worker to help with her dyslexia.

To get around the fact I am not going to be in the police incident room I am taking a page out of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ and going to use transcripts from the interview room. Hopefully that will work.

Now though I’ve got to get back to the planning. I’ve changed so much that I feel like I’m starting with a blank page. Plenty of time though – November doesn’t start yet… I have until Friday!


5 thoughts on “The first Nanowrimo meeting and a re-plan

    1. Thanks and I know adult lit is fun but I have this thing – I tense up when I write it and my dialogue becomes stilted. I’m not certain why. It only happens with long fiction and not short stories. I will get over it one day, until then I will practice! 🙂

      1. I totally understand what you’re talking about. Sometimes, I don’t know if my writer’s voice is appropriate for adult or if it is more suited YA. Adult gets intimidating.

      2. It does. I think I’ll write this one with young adults in mind, but if it is for an older audience when it’s done then I’ll swap it over. Sometimes I wonder if I get too hung up on technicalities when I ought to just write it…!

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