Writing Buddies

The Myslexia magazine for women writers are asking for writing buddies – basically pictures of animals that keep you company whilst you write. The only problem is that I lost mine on the Monday. She had a long life filled with smallholding antics and sitting in the sun whilst the keyboard tapped away. Now there is a gap. My cat is trying, but he just wants to be there. He has no plot point suggestions or character development answers.

I miss her. Together we would go through all the problems and she would give me a look as if to say – why you looking at me? I’m a dog.

So I am having issues with writing. It’s hard and although I am getting there it does feel like I am having to force myself to do it. You see I look up and smile and she isn’t there. But I am determined to carry on. I will write but at the moment it is hard.

Mel (Welsh for honey)

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