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Back to University….

My new term started today with my lecturer handing me my dissertation proposal and being told to hand it in to the postgraduate office. I have sent emails to this office but up till today it drifted in the ether for me. After a complicated trip in the rabbit warren that is the university I found the smiling person that I had been emailing over the last few weeks.

I handed her my proposal.

“Thanks, I’ll pop it in your file.”

I have a file – something I didn’t know I had. And it is a physical file and not a ghost in the computer.

“Okay,” I say and then turn to leave but I pause before I go. “Out of interest when do I must have my dissertation in?”

She turns to the computer and taps at the keys.

“September 2015.”

One word goes through my mind – NO. That is too late. I’ve just filled out a form for a grant which is (if I get it) comes into effect in August 2014. It has to happen after my course ends.

“Can I finish before that?” I ask, trying not to show panic.

“Yes, of course.”

Then another lady looks over a bank of computers. “The summer cut off is the 1st of April.”

I give a blank look.

“Get your dissertation in before then and you will graduate in the summer.”

Relief, that is what I felt as I thanked them and left. I can take longer to graduate but I don’t have to. It is good to remember though, if there is a problem.

But the plan is to graduate this summer in 2014… Kinda excited but I have to finish writing the book and the dreaded critical essay. The essay is a bit of a mess at the moment but I am hoping to beat it into shape by March.

At least I will with help from my support worker – Philip. I have got the organisation wrong and I’m only 1000 words in! Quick pass me the scissors and I’ll use the sellotape. 🙂

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