Have you noticed on the TV they are starting to put on more horror…? I guess it must be coming up to that time – Halloween! I love this time of year with the leaves turning red and orange and the pumpkins ripening; looking like orange jewels in a load of green and brown foliage. So I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that I love ghost stories. Here is one that I am hoping to turn into a young-adults / middle-range book.


The Story

1930s bike bellA girl of about 12 years is looking for her sister. Dinner is ready and she needs to go inside. When she finds her, the little girl is with her friend leaning over a puddle and poking at something with a stick. The sister rushes them home, but she goes back to the puddle to make sure there isn’t a hurt animal in it.

The puts the stick in and it is as deep as the stick. There is something at the bottom. She manages to grab it and sees it is an old-fashioned bicycle bell. She takes it with her. A ghost cycles past.

The Logline

Melissa only went out to fetch her sister, but after finding an old-fashioned bicycle bell she inadvertently invites the presence of a ghost, and he wants his bell back.

8 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Definitely one of the best times of the year! You can’t fault the colours, the action, the mood. It’s beautiful all round! There is so much going on it’s wonderful: Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, The Fairs…I have a handful of movies I love to watch at this time of year to say the least and if they are not on TV. Doesn’t matter, I watch them anyway. lol

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