Ebb and Flow

The Daily Prompt has asked for a blog post from the future, three years to be exact… What will I be doing then? Most of the time I barely know what I am doing a week in advance. But this is a blog post of my perfect-ish future.

Ebb and Flow


September is ending and with it another signing tour. ‘A Terrible Beauty’ is crawling up the charts but I loved meeting all you readers. Still glad to be back home and working on something without the hustle and bustle of city life. I love it but at the same time I miss the green. Some how the parks are never the same as walking the dogs up the side of a mountain in Wales. Here the weather is harsher, the air clearer and the sky bluer.

Still I will miss the people. But back in the workshop and working on the next in the series for the children – Echoes #5 will be finished soon. The first draft is about half way there.

Still having a problem with sentence length, still I must remember that short = tension. Otherwise it breaks up the flow of the story too much.

I woke last night with an idea for a picture book – well is was more of an image. It showed a teddy sitting on a hillside having a conversation with the moon. Sounds odd? Not as odd as I was a star listening in. I will work on the image and then see what story comes out of it.

I do love the leaves when they fall. The colour looks like the hillside has caught alight but burns with a quiet slow flame rather the hot fast one in the fireplace.


Of course what I’m saying here is that I am making a living at the writing – my dream and one I hope comes true by 2016. 🙂


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