Masters tales

Six of one, half a dozen of the other

Wanted peaceful quiet to confidently create.

These are all things missing at the moment.


I appear to be in a constant level of stress. I am awaiting a specialist appointment to see if they can help with my vision and headaches. I am also over-run with deadlines for the soft toy business.

What I need to do is relax. Easier said than done. One thing has eased off is the dissertation, as someone pointed out that I have six months to complete it.


Actually this I have. The only noise at the moment is the radio and the chickens. 🙂


This is a major problem. At the moment I am in a slump. I think it’s mainly pain medication but all I want to do is cry and sleep. So I’m ignoring it as much as I can and working anyway. I also have the worst self-image at the moment. I have a weight problem, but if I were as fat as I picture myself I would need a crane to get out of bed. And I’m nowhere near that. At the moment I feel lacking.

Even my parents have noticed. Asking where their smiling Kate has gone. My answer – I don’t know but I hope she is back soon.


This is not really a problem but my writing is taking an effort. Normally I just sit and tap away but it is becoming harder. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to turn it into a business rather than a hobby. Or maybe it is just a medication thing. I am going to carry on though and hopefully it won’t show in my writing.


All in all I have plans, but they are becoming difficult to do. Still I refuse to give up. My future is quietly confident that I will create. 🙂

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