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Daily Prompt – A Little Sneaky

A Little Sneaky

Are prompts useful? When you write, do daily or weekly prompts help?

These are questions that I am asked, also – where do you get your ideas from?

Well, they are all linked. You see the daily prompt makes me write. And I love to write so I’ll actively seek out prompts. And from them ideas can swarm, a little like bees. A prompt can give a hundred different ideas or one solid notion. Or if your unlucky, none. If I get a prompt that goes the latter I don’t do it. After all, a prompt is optional. But I find the prompts can take you in all sorts of directions. Some of my best blogging has happened because of the daily prompt.

Also, I’m sad to say, some of my indifferent posts have as well. But no matter what it does the prompt gets me writing. And that is what I need. Practice!

The old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ applies, although I think that I will write a lifetime and not achieve perfection. I will however, get better. The more you write the easier it is to create the sentences you want. It’s a bit like being a painter and expecting to paint a masterpiece without any preliminary drawings.

For me the daily prompt and ‘write so fluid’ prompts are my preliminary drawing where I work out how to create ideas and sentences to express them.

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