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Daily Prompt – These boots are made for walking.

These boots are made for walking

I had a pair of boots in school. I got them when I first started my GCSE’s. The were black and shiny and the Doc Martin type. They weren’t Doc Martin’s – I couldn’t afford them. I used them throughout school and they got knocked around quite a bit. Back then I used to walk everywhere.

The first thing to go was oddly a slit along one side. I think I may have caught it on barbed wire. I used blue thread to cross stitch it closed. Then a lump of leather was torn off the other boot when I came too close to a stick that was partially buried. I patched it with a piece of canvas with pink flowers on. And that is how my boots grew.

Four year later they were multi-coloured examples of stitch-work and patches. I loved them. I started University and they became the talk on my dorm, people liked them. I even had them re-soled. But their life was almost over.

The tops started to lift from the sole and that was the end. I tried glue but there just wasn’t enough leather left to stick. Finally I gave up and the boots just sat in the porch of my parents place. A memorial to my teenage years. Then one day they were gone.

“Where are my boots?”

“What boots?

“The ones in the porch.”

“Oh, those old things… I threw them out.”


“They smelt….”

I couldn’t really argue with that.

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