Masters tales

Writing makes me feel…

Really this has to do with the dissertation so maybe the title should have ‘dissertation’ in there…

Still, when I write I feel many things. Recently I have noticed that my writing has become a little laboured. Although that isn’t strictly true, Just my adult novel is laboured. Not that I realised this. As I plodded away at the story I had no idea that I was struggling. Everyone is always saying that writing a book is hard work. But as I struggled to write it I noticed that the writing was plodding. It just wasn’t any good.

At the same time a competition had opened up to write a child’s story. I started one and that was it. I loved writing it. In fact the words did and do flow out of me.

I pop on my headphones and I’m gone where my character can walk through worlds and tackle hags and magic. But the shocker was when my mum listened to me writing…

You see with my headphones on I have no idea that I make any noises. But mum told be I laugh and giggle as I write. Something I never did with the last idea. And the result on my writing is startling. It flows and has humour. Those who have read it so far think it is great – even my lecturer. So my writing makes me feel everything, but that is the point. If I felt nothing then what would I be writing about?

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