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Daily Prompt -PC

Politically Correct

To be politically correct or not… That is the question and the reason why it is so important. It is the unspoken rule and it jars if you come across something that crosses the boundaries, even if it is done unintentionally.

I don’t much like war movies, but there is one I love – ‘The Dambusters’. I’m not sure how accurate it is but I just love the story. Here’s a bit of trivial – the bomb is round in the movie but was actually a barrel in reality. When the movie was made the bomb design was still under top-secret status so they had to change it. That’s not what got me yesterday… it was the dog’s name, as the main character turns and yells directly into the camera, “Nigger!” I knew that was the name of the dog but still I was shocked. He said it. The word that is not said at all now, but was once so well-used that people named their dogs it. I know it is only because the dog is a black Labrador and that nigger essentially means black. But the word is a PC no-no. It is an accident of history though. The film-makers meant nothing by it but still it jars.

So are we in a PC obsessed world? I don’t think so but most of the time I adhere to it, except when I don’t. You see intentionally breaking the PC rule can make people shocked and highlight something you are writing. But it must be used well and not to harm others. I have my own rule that I follow – none of my writing must make another feel bad or upset.

I am about telling stories and not being controversial. If going outside the PC rules does this then I will use it, but if I can tell it and stay within the rules then I will.

This is another point of view and I had to add it after I’d read it – well said. 🙂

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