Sound Tracks

I was listening to the radio today and they were talking about sound-tracks to your life.

I hadn’t really thought about it. I am not a great person for buying music. Throughout my buying life I have only accumulated 40 CDs. Most of my music comes from the radio, but I do have some that I just have to own.

I have been having problems with the latest project – a book for children ages 7-9. Nothing seemed to fit as background music until I heard a song on the radio. It has taken me a week to decide whether to buy the album, but I have.

Does this mean that I have a sound-track to my life? Or just a collection of songs that help this one idea grow? It doesn’t matter really, all I know is that my book is growing by the hour and I am having to stop because I’m tired and not because I am bereft of words.  Roald Dahl had to have silence while he wrote but enjoyed music as he drew the illustrations for his books.

I must have music as I write.  At the moment it is this:

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